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sorry for being in a lurking mood the last few days. If anyone wants to chat with me i’m playing KoA on steam, since I’ve got a hankering for it suddenly!

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do you ever feel like everyone is just sick of you


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Brahmin moth before and after metamorphosis. 

no way is this real life

yes it’s real, although it looks like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie 


sobs i have no mind to qb here lately i am just lazy and tired and bluh.

alternatively, after what happened two days ago, i feel better in spirit than i did prior that, so. that’s probably part of it.

but man super duper ultra duplex lazy here. i should do these dishes before mold grows on the water.

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ugh you kill a few people on a camping trip and suddenly everyone calls you a “murderer” i’m so sick of labels

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the story of a man and his unlikely friend

He’s probably from Florida

Florida Man Befriends Trespassing But Friendly Orange


Something similar should I also buy to my dad….. It would suite him ^_^

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MK x AC part 1

Can’t wait for this DLC!!


Hopefully this gets some people excited! Check out my events page for upcoming special events :)

So I bare my skin, and I count my sins.

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SnK Alphabet:
↳  for Stress ft Moblit 

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so my rec blogs have gone from being kirby rp blogs to being kirby and snk rp blogs


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*asexual screams of victory*

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Her look when she wants to eat